Cyber Security

Cyber Security has become increasingly a critical aspect of the overall product design and development in various industry branches.

Our approach is to combine the cross-industry standards, like ISO2700x series and NIST SP-800 security framework, with industry-related norms, like ISO/SAE21434 for automotive.

Cyber Security and Functional Safety have close interfaces and synergies and for this reason we appeal to our well-established expertise from the latter in order to leverage combined risk and threat analysis, as well as safe and secure design and architecture.

Our focus is manifold:

  • Automotive secure process, management and engineering as per ISO/SAE 21434

  • General security governance, support for ISMS assessment and risk assessment methods as per ISO27001/4

  • Software safety and security oriented design review and analysis

Latest News

Bodgan Gradinaru

Head of Cyber Security