29 04, 2020

What does software safety architecture mean?


I think there are some some technical measures in ISO26262-6:2018 where many look away or even sometimes "swept under the carpet“. I would like to point here mainly to Table 3 "Principles of software architecture design" I personally rarely saw a company using some software metric tooling and reference values [...]

What does software safety architecture mean?2021-03-09T12:33:58-03:00
29 04, 2020

Functional Safety – What is it?


Since 2011, when first official draft of ISO26262 standard has been released, “functional safety” have become buzzwords in the automotive industry, but steadily also in other branches. But, what is functional safety? First of all, it existed well before 2011 and ISO26262 norm. Officially it concretized in a technical standard [...]

Functional Safety – What is it?2021-03-09T12:33:50-03:00
29 04, 2020

What does a reasonable risk mean?


What does a reasonable risk mean? For those familiar with ISO26262, I think the standard does not depict very well the link between the notion of reasonable risk to functional safety achieved as implementation of risk reduction measures …and this is important, because functional safety is defined [...]

What does a reasonable risk mean?2021-03-09T12:33:42-03:00
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